“‘Stranger Things’ won’t have an easy ending.” Joe Keery has mixed feelings about the final season of the Netflix banner

The actor who played Steve opens up about his bitter feelings about leaving the series alongside Sadie Sink and David Harbor

Actor Joe Keery hasn’t filmed anything yet and has bitter feelings about the ending of ‘Stranger Things’, so he commented on the WWD website that although Hit Netflix series set to end, saying goodbye forever won’t be easy For the fiction that has defined his career and opened doors for him to continue in cinema and other iconic series, such as the next season of ‘Fargo’.

The actor admits he’s a little scared to face the final phase of ‘Stranger Things’, but at the same time Recognize that this is something inevitable and healthy.

“Looks like the time has come. It will not be easy to end it. I owe my entire career to that series, and every opportunity I’ve gotten since then is because of that work, so it’s very complicated. There’s a sense of relief, a sense of sadness.”

‘Stranger Things’ premiered in 2016 and will conclude with a fifth and final season in 2025. Kerry said that She had to emotionally prepare herself to walk away from the series while shooting for the final episode.,

“I think my goal while doing this is to get as immersed as possible and not take anything for granted because it’s been an amazing journey with such amazing people. And then once it’s done, go ahead and try to retain the joy that we had when we were doing it. Everything has a beginning, middle and end. It would also be nice to have an end to it.”

Other Keery co-stars like Sadie Sink said earlier this year that the final season would be “emotional” for the cast. ,This is going to be terrible. This is going to be terrible. The entire cast and crew is family. it’s scary and sad“. Due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, production on ‘Stranger Things 5’ has been delayed; however, according to According to David Harbour, the cast already had scripts for the season prior to the current strike. Harbor teased the conclusion of the series:

“It’s going to be very, very touching. The episodes are great as ever. They keep outdoing themselves, these writers currently on strike called the Duffer Brothers have thought big and the scenes and things we saw in the script The scale is far greater than anything we’ve done in the past…I’m excited to accomplish this in a bold and surprising way.”

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