StrangerVille’s Various Mysteries Explained


  • The Sims 4 StrangerVille game pack introduces a new city with a pre-established linear story, where players must solve mysteries related to the strange behavior of the city’s residents.
  • The city features a large crater housing something sinister, an abandoned laboratory with clues to the city’s infection, and a mysterious mother plant as the source of the infection.
  • Players can turn off the linear story and play in the city as normal, and the pack also includes a new aspiration, military career, and paranoid trait.

The Sims 4 It follows the format of previous games in the franchise, where players can create virtual avatars and create any story they wish to follow. While the open sandbox-style game made The Sims famous franchise in its two decades of existence, The Sims 4The StrangerVille game pack breaks this mold by offering players a linear, story-driven experience. The StrangerVille pack introduces a new city with the same name, and once players enter the city, they will soon notice that something is wrong with its residents.

Like other neighborhoods in The Sims 4, StrangerVille is made up of several community lots and some residential lots. However, the city presents a point of interest in the form of a large crater that may harbor something sinister. StrangerVille is also the first city in The Sims 4 It features a pre-established story and players are tasked with solving mysteries that may explain the strange behavior of the town’s residents.

While the StrangerVille game pack features a linear story, this can be disabled in the game settings, allowing players to play in the city as normal. Additionally, the pack features a new StrangerVille mystery aspiration, a new military career, and a paranoid trait.

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The strange case of the residents of StrangerVille

Upon arriving in StrangerVille, apart from some strange looking purple plants, everything seems normal. However, after speaking with some of the residents of StrangerVille, the mystery is solved. Players will notice that the townspeople of StrangerVille inhibit strange behaviors such as possessed emotions, strange walking animations, and a peculiar rambling about a Mother Plant. Players will be tasked with talking to various residents to discover the truth, explore various locations, and collect certain items. To add to the mystery of the city, players will also notice that StrangerVille is full of military personnel and scientists wandering the area, suggesting that something sinister is at play.

What’s hidden beneath the abandoned lab in StrangerVille

Upon initial investigation, players will discover that there is an abandoned laboratory located on the outskirts of the city inside a giant crater, which is sure to interest fans of sci-fi video games. Rumors circulated that an explosion occurred in the area a while ago, and since then, the residents of StrangerVille have begun exhibiting strange behavior. When players enter the secret laboratory, they will notice it in an abandoned state, with papers scattered everywhere and a large hole in the fence, suggesting that the people who worked there left in a hurry. Further exploration would provide players with clues about what happened in the laboratory, and the game will require players to perform specific tasks, such as taking photographs of the laboratory and placing bugs on military personnel and scientists to listen to their conversations.

After gathering enough evidence, solving certain puzzles, talking to townspeople, and acquiring a hazmat suit, players will now be able to progress deeper into the laboratory, where they will find the basement infected with what appears to be mysterious foliage that emits dangerous spores. Thanks to the hazmat suit, the spores will not affect the player, but their presence paints a picture of what is causing the townspeople’s strange behavior. By venturing deeper into the laboratory, players will eventually discover the source of the city’s infection, proving that The Sims 4 can feature a story full of secret experiments and infected people similar to games like resident Evil. Inside a room in the basement of the laboratory is the mother plant, a strange creature surrounded by an electric fence that appears to be the source of the infection StrangerVille suffers from.

Due to the mother plant’s enormous size, players realize that they cannot defeat it alone. However, players must first synthesize and test a vaccine for three infected residents. After successfully creating and testing the vaccine, players can recruit these cured individuals to defeat the mother plant. Fighting the mother plant is undoubtedly one of the unique game mechanics in The Sims 4, since the game doesn’t feature much combat. By successfully defeating the mother plant, players will notice that the city will be rid of all the strange plants around it and the residents will return to their normal selves, solving the great mystery of StrangerVille.

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The Sims 4 – StrangerVille

StrangerVille is a rural desert town featured in The Sims 4 expansion. The town is known for its unusual weather and creepy inhabitants, and dangerous plants and strange collectibles are among StrangerVille’s oddities.

The expansion allows Sims to participate in unique and mysterious events with government agents and unmarked vans seen around neighborhoods. Sims can use their military training to investigate the city’s mysteries and much more.

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