Streaming PlayStation games on Netflix: rumors grow thanks to a patent

Streaming gaming is a reality and systems like Xbox Cloud Gaming have proven it. Now, it seems that other companies are testing to launch their own services. One of them could be PlayStation.

Some time ago they discovered images of Ghost of Tsushima and the DualSense in the code of the Netflix app, which sparked rumors about a possible union between companies. Now, those theories are gaining strength again with the latest discovery.

A recently discovered patent suggests this possibility.. Sony Interactive Entertainment could be working on a cloud gaming system that could be integrated into streaming services like Netflix Y Youtube. What’s new on this topic?

The new future of PlayStation?

The patent describes a system where players can reach access different video games through a cloud game server available through streaming services built into devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

This system would be deeply related to how Netflix or HBO Max currently work, among others. A catalog of games could be accessed in the same way that movies and series are accessed within these subscription services.

As we said, the patent suggests that the system could link you to a streaming device that has internet accesssuch as a smart TV or a mobile device.


Methods and systems for processing video games transmitted from a cloud gaming system over a network are provided. The method includes receiving a video game selection indication, for a game session, through a user interface associated with a transmission device that is connected to a display screen.

That is the description associated with the patent. Consequently, users can seamlessly switch between watching media and gaming in the cloud efficiently using a pass-through device that is connected to their preferred streaming device.

The patent places special emphasis on the compatibility and the multiple options in which you can enjoy the games via streamingbe it conventional consoles, mobile devices or even smart televisions.

What do you think of this possible new bet from PlayStation? We will have to wait, since this is only a patent and the fact that it exists does not imply that it is being developed. Meanwhile, a few weeks ago we informed you that Microsoft is interested in buying Netflix, Reuter said.

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