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Taking advantage of the availability of Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming platforms, today we can access content on various topics. Beyond the documentaries, series inspired by technology have increased their presence on the screen. NIUSGEEK recommends these series that address, in a different way, the topics associated with technological issues.

Halt and Catch Fire (2014) – four seasons

I start with one of the best series on the genre, if there was one. HACF places us on an evolutionary timeline of projects that grow alongside global technology: computers, laptops, digital communities, and the internet. The lives of Joe McMillan, the resourceful Cameron Howe and husband and wife Gordon and Donna Clarke – including their daughters – intertwine in innovation and corporate zeal. Brilliant and available on FilmIN.

Silicon Valley (2014) – six seasons

The quintessential 2.0 black comedy chronicles the rise and fall of Pied Piper, the tech start-up founded by Richard Hendrix following an accident with a music recognition algorithm. After being hosted by Erlich Buchman and bringing together a group of programmers, he persists in his struggle to combat the imposing figure of Hooli in order to survive in the Internet boom of the past decade. Available on HBO Max.

DEVS (2020) – one season –

Short and punchy. A company in the valley seeks to innovate in prediction algorithms, and the death of Sergei – a programmer who joins the DEVS team – alerts his girlfriend Lily Chan about the dark project behind Amaya, the company founded by Forest in honor of his daughter . Available in StarPlus.

Super Pumped (2022) – one season –

One of the three “docuseries” that raised interest in the problems of startups during the past decade. The adventure of Travis Kalanick – huge role of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, by the way -, founder and first CEO of Uber, recreates the darkness behind a disruptive company that forever changed transportation apps, for better or worse. Available from Paramount+.

WeCrashed (2022) – one season

The only brand that defended WeWork’s “tech company” label was WeWork. Despite being the least “tech”, the company founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey burst into force as a “unicorn”, until various financial and personal scandals caused the fall of this project. Watch out for the performances of Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway playing the Neumanns in this short docuseries. proud. Available on Apple TV+.

The Dropout (2022) – one season

We close the trilogy of “tech docuseries 2022” with the scandalous truth behind Theranos, the Elizabeth Holmes project that promised to revolutionize health in the world. Amanda Seyfried’s work is masterful, rescuing the peculiar behavior of Holmes, today prosecuted for this case in the United States. Unmissable and available in Star Plus.

Mr Robot (2015) – four seasons

Cybersecurity employee by day, hacker by night. Elliot Anderson takes us on a psychological journey through his social anxiety, his frustrations and his self-destructive impulse to participate in fsociety, a hacktivist project to destroy E. Corp and its financial data. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Big Bang Theory (2007) – twelve seasons

I wasn’t going to put it on the list because tech stuff is just one part of the geek culture of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh. However, it is a good series full of technological and scientific references. Available on HBO Max.

Black Mirror (2011) – 5 seasons

An anthology of the most dangerous future possible, with starting points too close and full of dark visions of the technology that surrounds us. It’s gotten a lot of flak for the past few seasons, but it’s worth revisiting this weekend. I will, at least. Available on Netflix, including Bandersnatch.

The IT Crowd (2006) – four seasons

Unfortunately, it is the only series outside of streaming services, although it is available for purchase on digital platforms. Despite its limited availability, it is worth seeking out all four seasons of this beauty of English humor that chronicles the “hard” work of Moss, Roy and Jen at Reynholm Industries. Let me know if you find it.

Westworld (2016) – four seasons

You can still catch up at this dystopian amusement park in the Far West populated by androids that interact with visitors “in every possible way” and ruled by the AI ​​Rehoboam. Creepy and twisted. Available on HBO Max.

Person of Interest (2011) – five seasons

I think I can never forget the impact of this series on my life, beyond the good taste for the soundtrack each season finale. In this story, Mr. Finch develops an AI – “The Machine” – capable of predicting crimes based on a series of variables, with which John Reese works to prevent them from happening, even without knowing if the person recognized by the AI ​​is victim or perpetrator of the crime. Do not leave without reaching “Samaritan”. Available on HBO Max.

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