Strength training (and high intensity) that most FIT girls in Madrid do

Fashionable strength and high intensity training in Madrid

we have tested Strength Training (and High Intensity) What the fittest girls do in Madrid. just doing the same thing is enough beatcore To confirm that what we say in the title is completely true. First, because the unconditional members of these classes are the same machine pilates But much more intense, they are very, very fit – I can confirm that. And second, because after a 50-minute session there is a feeling of intense work on the whole body no effect It’s real (even my wounds from the latter days).

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Before trying this discipline inspired by similar training methods successful in London and New York — they say Gigi Hadid and Meghan Markle practice it — I thought that barre classes What I usually do at home was difficult. But it’s clear that there are workouts that can do even more than that. In fact, one of its fans summarizes the benefits of going still: “If you do this regularly, you will get Bruce Lee’s abs. I am convinced” Read his words sincerely Review Of Google. And I completely agree, because the intensity level of this method has been demonstrated in a like a machine reformer traditional The usage in Pilates is high, very high.

It feels like Pilates, beatcore

However the feeling you get when you enter this studio located on Cardinal Cisneros Street in Madrid – where classes are given petition committee– Have to enter a Pilates session with the machines, jose daniel perez toroThe brand’s co-founder explains the difference to us. ,intensity is key, Pilates is a lower intensity workout, whereas the Beatcore sessions don’t stop, with frequent transitions between exercises. Pilates focuses on working out main Through breathing and concentration. beatcore is a workout full mealNot only focused on working mainBut all muscle groups Taking into account the range, duration and tension of the movements,” he says. And it also tells about the specifications of the machine used. “As far as contraindications with a reformer Traditional, our machine has two large platforms with bars on the sides that will make training more functional.

The perfect way to train the entire body (with no side effects)

in these sessions work all muscle groups So beatcore is an excellent choice for toning the entire body. But no effectsomething particularly good in both For joints and pelvic floor, “You continuously work with slow and prolonged muscle contractions, causing jerks that reflect muscle fatigue. Only by moving at this slow pace do we style and tone all muscle groups with less risk of injury while respecting the joints,” explains Pérez Toro.

Importance of working on posture

This is one of the pillars of this discipline. During the session the coach is always aware of Posture Be right. Because bad conditions during training change everything. “Posture is essential for the safety and effectiveness of exercise. Beyond the safety of movement, the range, tension and duration of the exercises are very important,” he explains.

How many weekly sessions should you do?

Experts say, “The more, the better.” This means it can be done once a week, but two or three times would be ideal. And if you want to combine it with some other exercise, run This could be a good combo. “It can be combined with any sport. Especially those that are implemented with influence. For example, race. This is the perfect combination for people who love running as they will be able to work on strength and endurance, while also relaxing the joints of the lower limbs,” he concluded.

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