Strike in Cibao: Burning tires and little traffic at the start of the strike in Santiago

In the early hours of this Monday morning, there was a significant reduction in vehicular traffic in the Historic Center of Santiago, in compliance with the call to stop for 24 hours in the 14 provinces of Cibao.

Few public transport cars are seen and businesses are closed, although most opening hours are after 8:00 in the morning.

In Santiago it rains lightly and in some neighborhoods there are burning tires and obstacles on the roads.

The strike in Cibao is sponsored by La Coalition of Social Organizations and Populares for a series of claims, including a reduction in fuel prices and the high cost of the family basket.

The main demands of works and services in the Cibao are ten, and in this document they are also broken down by demarcations

1. Drinking water service for all our towns and communities.

2. Reduction of the electricity rate.

3. Lowering the prices of gas and other fuels, which will affect the lowering of the prices of the basic family basket.

4. Direct financial support to poultry producers, pig farmers, ranchers and small farmers together with the distribution of land and technical and financial support for these job-generating sectors.

5. Citizen security plans that include decent jobs, technical education for our young people and a low-cost housing program.

6. General increase in wages for employees and workers in the public and private sectors.

7. Elimination of the ARS and the implementation of a new social security system that includes decent and well-equipped hospitals.

8.Special programs for single mothers and unemployed youth.

9. Salary readjustment for teachers, agronomists and workers.

10. For the reproductive rights of women against femicide and violence against women.

Specifications consolidated by communities:

Dagger (Santiago)

works demands

-Public hospital

-Municipal Funeral Home

– Multipurpose

-Municipal park

-Sewage system

– Day care center

-Arrangement of neighborhood roads.

-Improvement of drinking water service

– Lighting in streets and avenues.


-Construction of an aqueduct

-Construction of a hospital

-Construction of a new cemetery

-Arrangement of streets, sidewalks and neighborhood roads


-Construction of an aqueduct

-Construction of a hospital

-Operation of a diagnostic center

-Construction of polyclinics.

-Appointment of personnel in health centers

-Completion of schools and the polytechnic

-Completion of the Flintstone-Villa bridge

-Due to construction of sewage system

-Construction of sidewalks, curbs, streets and asphalt in some communities

-Construction of gabions and embankment of the ravines

-Efficient garbage collection and transparent management of the municipal budget

Licey in the middle, The Doves and the Queen:

-Construction of an aqueduct for La Reina

-Construction of 4 bridges

-Sewage system for Licey

-Completion of the Ramón Antonio Rodríguez school in Las Palomas

-Club court for pigeons

-Asphalting, sidewalks and curbing in various communities of El pico, Monte La jagua, Las ñañas, among others.

Hundred fires:

-Equipment and improvement of the peripheral hospital

-Efficient drinking water service

-Sanitation of the ravine

-Electrification and asphalting of streets, construction of sidewalks and containers

-Intervention of calle 30 Caballeros due to residual water

-Construction of a municipal market

-Sewage system for pineapple, fly and Santa Lucía

-Efficient garbage collection


Opposition to the construction of the La Placetas dam.

Defense of Loma de lo Melaos.

Construction of the Baitoa aqueduct.

Drinking water

Southwest Zone II.

Treatment of ravines.

Puddle of the cockpit that leaves us incommunicado.

Relocation of some communities.

The Ciénaga river is intervened.

El Arroyo avenue and the Gurabo stream be intervened.

Stop the indiscriminate cutting of trees in the Sierra.

Sanitation of Yegüita de Pastor stream.

Cleaning of the ravine of the Arroyo de Elías and the Yaque river.

Sanitation of the Yaque river and all the streams in Santiago.

Herd of the Yaque

Cañadas in Hato del Yaque (two ravines) Jiménez.

Completion of the Hato del Yaque field.

Southwest Santiago Zone II

Drinking water

Treatment plants

Health center in some communities


Compliance with the participatory budget

Puddle of the Sergio Genao cockpit

a municipal funeral home

Sanitation of several ravines

sewage system

Relocation of communities such as Maizal and Cerro de Papatín for being vulnerable

Bonao:, province Monsignor Nouel

-Representative Constitution of the Provincial Development Council


-Construction of the hospital.

San Francisco de Macoris, Duarte province

1. Construction of sidewalks, curbs and speed bumps in the sectors:

Vista Nueva, Manhattan, Mama Tingó 1st and 2nd stage, New

Dawn, Jesus of Nazareth, Espínola 1st stage, Villa

Hortensia, Los Jardines, Villa Real, Las Colinas, Villa Faro and the


2. Electrification of the Nuevo Amanecer sector.

3. Installation of pipes for drinking water in Vista Nueva,

ManhattanNew DawnProfessor Juan BoschMama

Tingó 1st and 2nd stage and Jesus of Nazareth.

4. Street paving in the sectors: Salvador Then and

Then, Vista Nueva, Manhattan, Mama Tingó 1st and 2nd stage,

Professor Juan Bosch, Jesus of Nazareth, Espínola 1st stage, Los

Gardens, Villa Hortensia, Villa Faro, Las Caobas, Villa Real, Las

Colinas, Duarte Arriba, Callejon Castillo and Guzmancito.

5. Construction of a community hall in Mama Tingó 2nd stage

for which land is available.

6. Construction of a pitch in the Mamá Tingó sector, 2nd stage

for which land is available.

7. Construction of a bridge that connects sectors 24 of

April Chiquito with Villa Real and Valley View with Barrio Lindo de Hatillo.

8. Deepen the drainage of the Puerto Rico neighborhood to prevent flooding.

9. Completion of the Las Caobas polytechnic.

10. Execute agrarian settlement.

11. End the illegal retention of motorcycles.

12.Construction of a high school in the North Zone.

13. Construction of an annex and renovation of the Mateo Jonás Castillo community hall in the Espínola sector, 1st stage.

14.Payment of benefits to canceled city council workers.

Maria Trinidad Sanchez (Nagua)

1. Construction of the Nagua boardwalk.

2. Construction of a new public market.

3. Construction of storm and sewage drainage.

4. Arrangement and paving of local roads.

Santiago Rodriguez

For the construction of the Villa Los Almácigos highway, which links Naranjito, La Ceiba, Sidra, Palma Larga, la Piña, el Resbaloso, la Quinita, Pueblo Nuevo, el Dajao, Carmoni, Las Veredas, La Canastica, la Peoni.

The redesign of the Guayubín dam.


The protest is against mining exploration in the Dajabón province by UNIGOLD.

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