Stromae bodybuilder in his new clip with Camila Cabello: he reveals the secret of his physical transformation (video)

At the end of July, Stromae created a surprise. He unveiled an adaptation of his single “Mon amour” with singer Camila Cabello. The clip parodied a reality TV show filmed in a villa with a swimming pool.

“In La Villa Mon Amour, 10 contestants throw themselves into battle to achieve their goal, at the cost of friendship, seducing and cheating on their partner(s). There is also a mystery phone that sometimes issues challenges difficult. Only the winner escapes elimination…”explained the press release.

In this very summery clip, fans discovered a Stromae with an unusual look. Behind his wide open shirts, the maestro revealed a very muscular torso that we did not know him.

The artist revealed in a clip broadcast on Youtube this Thursday what was his secret to sporting this athletic body.

Did he spend long hours at the gym? No, every day the Belgian singer and songwriter wore a jumpsuit with fake bulging muscles. And the Belgian jokes: “We made it simple. They gave me a magnificent prosthesis with a diving outfit so I sweat my race. It’s true that you have a kind of self-confidence when you have a body like that. And no it’s not my body. look at my protruding navel. We tried to stick as closely as possible to reality, to reality TV to be precise”, he describes with a note of irony.

The opportunity to discover that the atmosphere on the set of the clip was one of good humor and laughter.

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