Structural failure in Puente Canímar de Matanzas would force vehicle closure

A structural failure in the Canímar Bridge in the city of Matanzas, in western Cuba, would force the closure of vehicles in the area, reported from the social networks of the provincial government of that territory. Only vehicles with a load of less than 3.5 tons can pass through this step.

“The Provincial Road Center of Matanzas informs the users of the Central Highway that there was a structural failure in the Canímar Bridge, kilometer 119, in the area known as Castillito, where only vehicles under 3.5 tons can circulate,” it said. read in the note posted on his Facebook profile, although hours later, they deleted it.

However, the Facebook profile of the Provincial Road Safety Commission of Matanzas does maintain the alert due to the deplorable state of the Canímar Bridge in the city.

At the beginning of this month, they specified that the situation presented by the Bridge over the Canimar River of the Central Highway was “critical”.

“It has been necessary to intervene on several occasions in the Detour for the circulation of heavy equipment up to 3.5 tons maximum due to the critical situation that the bridge presents and to limit the speed to 30 km/h”, they explained.


This week, the Matanzas road safety company reported that this bridge was built between 1927 and 1931, during the construction of the Central Highway. It is still considered one of the “seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering.” Although it has been subjected to repairs over the years, these are not enough to keep the metal armor that composes it in good condition.

“At the moment, due to the degree of deterioration that its metallic elements present, repair actions are being carried out with 45 tons of metallic profiles recovered from the deactivation of the Hotel Corona in Havana; in substitution of imports, actions that are intended to generalize in the repair of metal bridges in Cuba”, they explained.

“All the essential metallic elements for the repair of the bridge have been made since May 2022, waiting for the Construction and Assembly OSDE to pave the Caoba-Ibarra detour that was enabled since March 29, 2021 based on the report that limited the circulation of vehicles greater than 3.5 tons and closed the compromised section of the Central Highway for all types of vehicles, freeing up the area of ​​the work for its execution”, they conclude.

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