‘Stuck in Time’, a little classic of nineties cinema with Bill Murray on Groundhog Day, and four other suggestions for what to watch on television today Television

Antena 3 airs a new installment of the contest Password, With Cristina Pedroche in front and a visit from Melody and Secun de la Rosa. 2 in space normal aircraft Interview with comedian and howman Carlos Lattre. The cinema exists to this day in three copies with films of various cuts: caught in time Bill Murray was gunned down on Groundhog Day, tobacco seller An Austrian drama that travels to 1937 Vienna engulfed in the rise of anti-Semitism and the Bourne Legacy The fourth installment of the franchise with memories of classic spy movies.

‘tobacco seller’

Sundance at 7:20 p.m.

Der Trafficantaka. Austria, 1992 (117 min.). Director: Nicolas Leitner. Cast: Simon Morze, Bruno Ganz, Johannes Krich, Caroline Eichom.

In 1937, in Vienna, a 17-year-old boy works for a tobacco salesman whose clients include none other than Sigmund Freud. The Tobacco Vendor is a committed and angry work that accurately reflects the daily life of a city in which anti-Semitism and violence flourish every day. And he knows how to convey it without being underwhelming, to connect emotionally to the personal and collective story.

‘General Shot’ talks with Carlos Lattre

2, 21.30

Gennaro Castro, director and presenter of Plano General, talks with comedian Carlos Lattre in an interview recorded at the Nuevo Apolo theater in Madrid. The showman talks about his already extensive career and reveals his references in the show, among which the influence of a teacher like Gila is prominent. He also defends the therapeutic value of laughter and addresses some current social issues.

‘Caught in time’

22.00, Movistar Comedy

Groundhog Day. USA, 1993 (96 min.). Director: Harold Ramis. Cast: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott.

Groundhog Day has never been better represented on screen. Caught in Time has become a minor classic of the 90s thanks to its ability to create a network of comedic situations, narrated with remarkable cadence, that follows the adventures of a troubled Bill Murray who tries to escape his Doomed to repeat the same day in the life. And again.

‘the Bourne Legacy’

22.00, four

USA, 2012 (135 min). Director: Tony Gilroy. Cast: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac, Stacy Keech.

Jeremy Renner replaces Matt Damon as Agent Bourne. In the fourth installment of the franchise, set five years after the third, Tony Gilroy (screenwriter of the previous one) eschews the electric style of Paul Greengrass in the staging and brings a visual tone closer to the detective films of the seventies.

Melody and Secun de la Rosa in ‘Password’

22.10, Antenna 3

Competition moderated by Cristina Pedroche Password, That is, this week singer Melody and actor Secun de la Rosa make guest appearances. Both will be in charge of a series of tests based on accompanying two of the night’s contestants, taking on challenges posed by the competition, guessing secret words through various clues, keys or gestures.

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