Students protested in front of the Cones and ask for rehabilitation of the Medicine career – Nacionales

Medical students from the María Serrana University demonstrated in front of the National Council for Higher Education (Cones) demanding the rehabilitation of the course, which was disqualified due to alleged irregularities. With banners, they maintained that they are not “ghost” students.

With a significant presence of those affected, one of the spokespersons, Elizangela Neres, assured that they do do the internships and that the faculty currently has agreements. She cited, for example, hospitals in several cities in the department of Alto Paraná and Coronel Oviedo, in Caaguazú.

The young woman commented that they have been studying for six years and ask for respect. They wait for the highest university authority to listen to them.

He also expressed that they are regular students and that they want an improvement plan. They are very upset with the decision made by the Cones last week.

“We do what we can,” said another aspiring doctor

Hurt by what is happening to them, Dahiana Escobar said that there are many who sacrifice themselves, because they left their families in the interior to seek a better future. She considers what is happening an injustice, because the University presented all the documentation, she stressed.

The protest was on Cerro Corá street near the United States of Asunción, with the closure of half of the road.

Races were disabled in Asunción and Ciudad del Este

The National Council for Higher Education (Cones) closed two Medical Sciences courses at the María Serrana private university.

The resolution was taken after this house of studies tried to issue some 40 titles to people who had not studied subjects.

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