Study finds menstrual cups may help prevent infection

Many girls in low- and middle-income countries have difficulties in purchasing products that allow them to control their menstruation, Because of which they may miss school. Therefore it is important that they have access to menstrual products.

A new study conducted in Kenya by researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) has revealed that The benefits of menstrual cups go far beyond access to education.

According to the study published in the scientific journal ‘PLOS Medicine’, teens who use menstrual cups They are less likely to get certain types of vaginal infections and more likely to have a healthy vaginal microbiome.

In the research, 436 Kenyan high school girls were followed, half of whom received menstrual cups. They were made every six months bacterial vaginosis test, A common type of infection, and a sexually transmitted infection at 12 and 30 months. The researchers also analyzed the participants’ vaginal microbiomes to determine the relative prevalence of beneficial and harmful bacteria.

At the end of the study, girls with menstrual cups were 26 percent less likely to have bacterial vaginosis and 37 percent more likely to have an optimal vaginal microbiome, compared to girls who didn’t have cups.

in general, It appears that menstrual cups do not reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.But when the researchers controlled for confounding factors such as age and whether the girls were sexually active, they found that STIs decreased among those using menstrual cups.

“The results suggest that menstrual cups could be a game changer and help girls stay healthy,” said Supriya Mehta, the study’s lead researcher.

According to Mehta, there are several reasons why menstrual cups are more beneficial for vaginal health than other menstrual products.

cup, which It is bell shaped and made of silicone. Medical grade, it is inserted into the vagina, where it collects blood. On the other hand, tampons do not remove blood from the vaginal cavity, and this iron-rich environment can be favorable for bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis.

Cups are also better than tampons at maintaining an acidic environment, which prevents infection. As far as reusable pads or cloths that are worn for too long or not cleaned properly are concerned, They can eventually transfer bacteria into the vagina. “These are all challenges that the menstrual cup solves,” Mehta elaborated.

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