Stunning Adamari López in a swimsuit

Adamari Lopez hits the social media again.

This time he did it by sharing an image in a bathing suit that caused thousands and thousands of comments.

As part of the celebration of Children’s Day In some Latin American countries, the Puerto Rican shared a photo with her daughter Alaïa from the Mexican coast in the Caribbean.

“Today is #Children’s Day in Colombia and in my beautiful and beloved Mexico. From here I celebrate everyone with my beloved @alaia, doing what we like the most, enjoying time together. How many Mexican and Colombian fathers and mothers around here?

It should be noted that in addition to the comments on the celebration, many were directed with many praises for the host of the “Hoy Día” program that Telemundo broadcasts. And it is not for less, the Puerto Rican looked impeccable in a cream-colored two-piece swimsuit in which she showed her flat abdomen and her well-worked body after undergoing a strict diet and an intense exercise routine.

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