“Stupid, cursed and terrible human being”

Brad Pitt adopted several children with Angelina Jolie. pax jolie-pittOne of them attacked his father in very harsh words. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the young man, who was adopted from Vietnam in 2007, attacked Pitt with everything. “Idiot”, “damn” and “horrible and disgusting person”, Here are some of Pax’s statements.

The sensationalist media had access to a private publication made in 2020 from the Instagram of the young man, when he was barely 16 years old.

“Happy Father’s Day to this first class idiot! You have proven to be a horrible, disgusting person. You have no respect or empathy for your four young children who trembled in fear in your presence. “You will never understand the damage you have caused my family because you are incapable of trying.”The publication began with what Pax shared in 2020 with a photo of the actor collecting an Oscar that same year.

“You literally turned the lives of people around me into hell. You can tell yourself and the world what you want, but one day the truth will come out. Happy Father’s Day to this awesome man.”Declared the eldest among six brothers In reference to her siblings Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne.

A testimony that appeared three years after its publication. Brad was last seen in public with his children in 2016 following their divorce and investigation that led to the FBI suing the actor for alleged child abuse, which was dismissed.

Pax, second from left, one of Pitt’s sons who seriously attacked his father. picture; AFP.

According to the FBI report obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of attacking her during a flight on a private plane In which he was traveling with his children after spending holidays in France. One of his minors, who was 15 years old at the time, tried to defend the actor by raising his voice against him, which made him even more angry and He threw himself at him, killing others who tried to stop him.

Angelina Jolie and her son Pax were born in Vietnam. The young man attacked his father with everything.

The protagonist of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith began their relationship in 2005, and Brad Pitt adopted Pax in 2007, a year after Angelina Jolie. They were together for 12 years and in 2016 the actress filed for divorce. Years later, the complaint filed against the actor was revealed, revealing the intense fight that led them to decide to end their marriage.

Horrible Instagram post of actor’s son.

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