Sued in court, the illegal act allegedly committed by “The Rock” revealed!

A celebrity adored by the general public around the world, The Rock rarely sees his name plunged into dark controversy. However, the former WWE star currently finds himself involved in a vast judicial investigation, where he is among the accused!

Even before taking his first steps in Hollywood, and making an oh-so-successful transition there, his popularity rating was already reaching new heights as a wrestler. WWE figurehead for years, The Rock has only increased his fame following his arrival in the cinema. Appreciated by young and old, he must however face a less than rosy affair for his image these days.

The Rock dragged to justice, the disturbing details

If he has already borrowed the costume of the big bad in the ring in the past, Dwyane Johnson has been working to maintain an impeccable reputation since. To the point of receiving from time to time some scathing reviews for his low-risk stances. It could however be that the star of the big screen will soon be the subject… of a conviction by the American justice! Andrew Boardwine of InsideTheMagic relates thus:

First reported by PWInsider, a complaint filed by David Adrian Smith mentions Vince McMahon, WWE, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dani Garcia, ESPN, Dick Ebersol, WWE Chief Financial Officer Franck Riddick, Carol Riddick and more. It was filed on July 20, and alleges that “confidential trade secrets” were disseminated and used by those named in the complaint.

The complainant allegedly sent an email to Carol Riddick in 2016, containing a series of market analyses, opportunities, strategy and other business information concerning a minor league football concept: the current XFL. This information, which Smith would have asked to keep secret from his interlocutor, would have finally been shared with Vince McMahon, Dick Ebersol, ESPN and many others.

WWE, which then owned the rights to XFL’s former draft from 2001, later sold them to Vince McMahon’s company. A takeover which, according to Smith, would have been carried out taking into account the valuable trade secrets obtained in these famous emails. But then, what does the name of The Rock have to do with the list of defendants in this complex legal case?

Smith claims his confidential information about the XFL concept was leaked and obtained by the league’s new owners, namely Dani Garcia… and Dwayne Johnson. However, as stipulated in the US Economic Espionage Act of 1996, the theft or misappropriation of trade secrets is a federal crime. The Rock and his collaborators could therefore owe several million dollars to their assailant!

Without really knowing his degree of involvement in this whole story, The Rock will therefore have to defend himself against these accusations which could cost him dearly. Let everyone be reassured: this should not put him out of business in the worst case!

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