Suko warns about new technological dangers

tonight’s guest at ‘The Anthill’ has been edurne. The singer has gone to the set to present ‘Strawberries and Champagne’, a single that she recently released, but which is part of her next album.

Once the interview is over, Pablo Motos has given entry to Suko. Whenever our technological spy comes to the set, he gives us terrifying information, for this reason, the presenter has asked him: “Are you going to scare us?”

“More than 1,000 companies suffer data theft”

The computer scientist said that he did not want to cause excessive alarm, but after this, he told how 2023 has already been baptized. “The turbulent year of cybersecurity” is the name given to it because, on the occasion of the war between Russia and Ukraine, cyberattacks have multiplied.

Deepfake improvements

In addition, something more terrifying that he has recounted is the technological improvement with respect to Deepfakes (videos in which the face and/or voice of any celebrity is digitally placed to manipulate their words). In fact, Suko has shown how far we have come with these types of tools.

Pablo and Edurne have tasted in their own flesh what it is like to become Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone or Scarlett Johansson. Don’t miss this moment!

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