Sully Díaz, Carmen Dominicci and Geraldine Fernández, present in “The Curve of Life” by Osvaldo Ríos

Since he entered “The House of the Famous” on May 10, the Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios, has stood out for being one of the most attentive, helpful and respectful participants. These actions have caused colleagues like the Mexican Natalia Alcocerconsider him a father image within the mansion.

Yesterday, as part of the “reality” dynamics of Telemundo, the singer also presented “La Curva de la Vida”, a segment dedicated to discovering those aspects of the history of celebrities that marked his life forever. In this season, Mayeli Alonso Y Laura Bozzo They were the first to exhibit before the cameras.

“My first memory, after my birth, I was born on October 25, 1960, it is at 2 years old. I remember it was Christmas and I saw my first Christmas present when I was 2 and a half years old, which was a cowboy outfit, with a hat, the drumsticks, pistols, and that is the first memory I have”, said the interpreter who also had to trace the curve on a digital whiteboard.

Then, as in most cases, the difficult moments began to come to light. Ríos recounted how at the age of 6, the husband of the school principal accidentally hit her with a cigarette on her left leg. Since then, he began a process of acute lymphangitis that has accompanied him throughout his life. In this adversity, the actor recognized the presence and help of his mother.

“As a child, I thought that the condition, since it was congenital, was not going to carry out, perhaps, the physical activities of every child of my age. Parents do not realize that, many times, with the example they set, they mark their children and we see repetitive behaviors, “continued the 61-year-old artist.

Ríos’ life story continued at the age of 8, when his parents divorced. The native of Carolina said that she started working selling newspapers, washing cars and gardening because “work is honor”, ​​as her mother used to say.

Sully Diaz, Carmen Dominicci and Geraldine Fernandez

Among other details, the Puerto Rican detailed his love stories. He also remembered when, in 2004, he went to jail for domestic violence.

“In the University of Puerto Rico I entered the Faculty of Social Sciences, specifically to study Psychology. There, finishing high school at the University, I had my first marriage with a very first Puerto Rican actress named Sully Diaz. As boyfriends we were very little and as husbands a year and two months. We were very young. So, when I divorce Sully, comes my first formal church marriage to my first formal church wife, which was carmen dominique and then comes the birth of my first child. When Giuliano is born, my first big opportunity on television arrives, when they propose me to star in ‘En Donde Playa’ and one fine day, Delia Fiallo, the greatest soap opera writer of all time, calls the channel, asks who that young man is. that is on the screen, it turns out that it was me and three days later I had a call at my house from Mrs. Delia Fiallio, may she rest in peace, I consider her my artistic mother and she told me that she wanted me to star in a story that her name was “Kassandra” and that totally changed my life”, she recalled with a broken voice.

Without pausing, Ríos assured that the distance greatly affected their marriage. The actor also mentioned his marriage to Geraldine Fernandez and his second son, Osvaldo Gabriel.

“We moved to Miami to make a telenovela, and then I settled in Miami. In 2004 I went through a very difficult process. I was found guilty of domestic violence. It happened with a girlfriend I had whom unfortunately, well, I also didn’t know how to value it and there yes, well, unfortunately I committed acts of verbal violence and physical violence. That is why I was tried, I was convicted, I complied with what was imposed on me, which was 3 months, 117 days to be exact, of confinement with a year of rehabilitation with 8 hours a week, ”he explained with a downcast head.

At the end of the conversation with the presenter Hector Sandarti, the Puerto Rican interpreter commented that if he had not gone through that moment, he would be lost. He also emphasized that, looking back, he recognizes that he served the punishment he deserved.

“I realized all the mistakes I had made, how selfish I was, the damage I did to the people I loved the most with words, with actions and I realized how selfish, how narcissistic, how badly I was out of focus in my life. I had lost my freedom, I had lost millionaire contracts, I had lost practically everything. When I come out guilty, that verdict greatly affects my marriage and in 2004, that’s when my second divorce comes. It is not until you hit rock bottom that you realize the serious things you have done, ”she sentenced.

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