Summary of Pumas vs Juárez (2-1) / Matchday 1 2023, GoalsHalftime

Olympic University Stadium, CDMX /

Pumas made their fans suffer for more than 70 minutes at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario, until he finally found two goals and managed to turn the score around to beat FC Juárez 2-1who almost got away with winning at CU, but he didn’t and great credit for that went to Dani Alves.

The brazilian side He started on the bench, but in the second half he participated in the two goal plays. First with an assist to Toto Salvio at 77′ to even the game and then with another leaked pass for Salvio who managed to get a penalty. Everything so that Rafa Puente had a dream debut with his first three points.

a complicated start

FC Juárez managed to advance the score after 30 minutes with a play built by the left wing that ended with an overflow and a cross to the far post to Allan Medinawho perfectly closed the play for the 1-0 partial that exhibited the defense of the university students.

To cougars fortunethe Juárez players complicated the game by themselves by staying with 10 players for the expulsion of Gabriel Fernandezwho angrily claimed referee Óscar Macías and earned two yellow cards in less than a minute at the end of the first half.

So necessity and advantage made Rafa Puente move his pieces in the second half and so gave entry to Dani Alves as a right back and Jorge Ruvalcaba, hoping his overflows could change the course of a game that seemed to have become unnecessarily complicated.

That was how they took possession of the ball, but not the goal actions. Over and over again they touched the ball outside the area and even tried walls to stay in front of the goal, but they always collided with a green barrier that broke any attempt to create danger as it clung to about 30 meters of pitch.

Pumas’ goals

fortunately for cougars Dani Alves appeared who put a filtered pass to Edward Salvio at 77 minutes. The Argentine took advantage of the fact that the defender misjudged and without a shooting angle touched the ball before Talavera left to get 1-1.

to get the second goal everything arose from a counterattack orchestrated by Diogo de Oliveira, who launched for Dani Alves and then he served a pass to Salvio again. The Argentine managed to punt the ball before Tala left, who knocked him down. The referee had to review the play in VAR to decide the penalty.

Juan Dinenno asked for the ball and charged with power, close to the post, to put the score 2-1 and thus achieve the first three points of the Clausura 2023. At least a start with the right foot.

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