Summary of the game America vs. Monterrey (1-2). GOALS

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When it was thought that América was beginning to recover rhythm after the victory against Toluca on Matchday 11, a new setback, now against Rayadosraised concern again the superior that the Monterrey team wore in its 2-1 victory in a friendly match that was held in Austin, Texas.

Both Águilas and the Pandilla had significant casualties due to calls to national teams, although those directed by Fernando Ortiz were the ones who suffered the mostvery especially in the first half where the party looked totally unbalanced.

Vincent Jansenplayer who has not scored a single goal so far this semester, became the spark plug for the norteño teamto the extent that his team’s two goals were born from his feet.

In the first, at minute 23, the Dutchman held the mark and waited for Maxi Meza He passed him to serve the ball, a move that went perfectly, since the Argentine signed with a low shot and crossed the first goal of the game.

Already the minute 33, again Janssen served as a post, this time to assist José Alvaradowho with a left foot put a 2-0 that made it clear which team was better.

However, Víctor Manuel Vucetich put the brakes on his team and when he returned to the field after the break a balanced game was seen, albeit unclear. Much of that was due to the cascade of changes that occur in all friendly matches, which almost always lead to poor matches.

Only a genius of Miguel Layún at minute 79, who made it 2-1 with a shot from outside the area, he managed to shake up the match, although it was too late for the equalizer to arrive.

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