Summary of the game Necaxa vs Leon (0-1)

Victoria Stadium, Aguascalientes. /

The set of Lion that the pressure is off Concachampions advancing to the Quarter finalsentered the field of Victoria to defeat Necaxa 1-0 who tested the bow Rodolfo Cotabut this was a wall and they got their second victory in a row.

The third game of Jaime Lozano with the Ray It was a game in which his team showed improvement, he stood up to one of the teams that has favorite tag in the tournament and if it hadn’t been for Cota the story would have been different.

To the 32 minutes the whistler decreed a maximum penalty in favor of León and the Chilean Victor Davila he completely forgot his rojiblanco past and executed the victory goal in a great way.

The Ray they went with everything to the front in the second halfthey looked in different ways for a way to tie the match, but then the figure of dimensionwho showed why andis in the sights of Gerardo Martino to be the third goalkeeper in the next World Cup.

The game was losing emotions with the passing of the minutes and towards the end of the match there was a outbreak of anger which culminated in warnings for Escoboza and Tesillo that started the problem in midfield.

This defeat of Necaxa turns it together America at worst venue in the championshipwell both they have lost all their games at homeso Lozano will have to start changing this story so that the team can fight for a place in the Repechage.

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