Summary of the game Pumas vs León (4-1). GOALSHalftime

The cougars They gave a coup of authority in the League with a forceful thrashed 4-1 before Lion in CU without the Brazilian side Dani Alves, in a game where Rafel Puente removed the experiments from the squad and placed his players in the nominal position they have.

The feline team went out to devour León with a solid midfield while in the zone offensive they came out fine Gustavo del Prete, Juan Dinenno and Diogo de Oliveira, who continues to connect widely with the stands of the Estadio Olímpico Universitario that saw him off to applause after his replacement.

From the beginning, the offensive players found the formula so that football of cougarsmainly supported by Toto Salvio, could shine to generate danger options. And so it was with the triangulation that enabled Gustavo del Prete that was hand in hand in front of the goalkeeper Cota for the 1-0 at 9 minutes.

Leon responded quickly

The pleasure of Pumas with the advantage did not last long because the left wing failed in a play of Lionwho managed to leave Víctor Dávila alone, who took advantage of his ability to get into the area and pass to Say Yorio, who of ‘taquito‘ got the tie 1-1.

Fortunately for Pumas, the fact of having Jesús Molina and Higor Meritao in midfield gave them solidity and the pass came off the Brazilian’s leg to godthat with a header he made it 2-1 that gave an advantage to the university students who would no longer lose in the entire game.

Dinenno crowned a great game

Already in the second half appeared Juan Dinenno to achieve your doublet. The forward was attentive to a play in which Del Prete and Toto tried to have a one-on-one, but the defense managed to get the ball from them, only it was already in the area and Dinenno took the opportunity to finish off the 3-1.

Already with this advantage, León tired and thrown in front, the university team found a counterattack when Ulises Rivas won a header and put it to money who once again was attentive to define hand in hand with a great goal and unleash madness in the stands.

The bad news at the college party was the injury of the defender Nicholas Freire which was replaced by an apparently muscular nuisance.

Quite a win for cougars just when they have unlinked of Daniel Alvesthe one who had been his best passer and who today are in preventive detention in Spain facing a trial for alleged sexual assault against a woman.

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