Summary of the game Querétaro vs. Mazatlan (2-0). GOALS

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Queretaro finally found victory in the Clausura 2022 Tournament by overcoming 2-0 Mazatlan in a close game that was defined thanks to a rebound that he found kevin escamilla within the area and to a good definition of Angel Sepulveda on replenishment.

Until before Matchday 6, only two teams arrived without wins, Gallos and Santosbut one of the two managed to get out of that short listing, although still without displaying an interesting footballsomething that they will seek to improve with the passing of days.

However, it cannot be said that the Roosters did not put the pride to try to leave the lower zonesince from the first minutes they sought to impose conditions against some Cañoneros who seemed to arrive in better shape after their consecutive victories against Tijuana and América.

Driven by the new ideas of Hernán Cristante, the people of Queretaro pushed to find the result they wanted, something they achieved until minute 58 when Kevin Escamilla found a rebound inside the area to just push the ball to the networks.

Given the disadvantage, Mazatlan did not have a formula to get the game afloat and the closest he came to scoring was with a powerful shot from Marco Fabián from outside the area at minute 76which was rejected by Washington Aguerre with a spectacular cast.

Only from then on did the game shake up a bit and even Angel Sepulveda was encouraged to make a Chilean that walked near the goal, notice that was followed by his goal with a cross rite, which decently closed a low-quality game that will serve Gallos to take the pressure off them.

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