Summary of the game Seattle Sounders vs Leon (3-0). GOALS

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the beast was mortally wounded Seattleafter falling tonight 3-0 against Seattle Sounders in the first leg of the Concacaf Champions League Quarterfinals, a result that forces them to win by four goals or more next week to stay alive in the competition.

Was one of the worst nights of the Lion so far this yearbecause despite the fact that he had control of the ball, he was not intelligent and generated only one dangerous arrival, being once again Rodolfo Cota key so that the scoreboard did not end with four or five goals difference.

A penalty in the 30th minute opened the game, which had few emotions from the start. Freddy Monterowho was fouled by Ángel Mena, He was in charge of making the maximum sentence valid and send the home team ahead on the scoreboard.

Before the end of the first half and when it seemed that the Mexicans could wake up in a speed drop, after a corner kick in favor of the Fiera, the MLS cadre worked and perfectly coordinated the counterattack playso that Montero appeared once again inside the area and scored the second goal at minute 39.

Leon, what came into this game with six games unbeaten in all competitionsdid not react and far from generating clear goal arrivals, he was saved up to three times from receiving a goal, highlighting the figure of Cota, who dressed as a hero tonight on the Lumen Field pitch.

Despite this, the Mexican goalkeeper could not prevent the locals from scoring the third when the clock exceeded 90 minutes. With this result, the team led by Ariel Holan will have to win by three goals or more to advance to the semifinals.

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