Summary of the game Tigres Femenil vs Chivas Femenil (2-0). GOALS”

Monterey, NL /

Women’s Tigers managed to solve a game that started complicated on the Clausura 2022 First Leg Semifinal Y they won 2-0 against Chivas Femenil in the University Stadium, a good advantage to define the series as a visitor.

In the first part, the locals had more possession of the ballbut little idea on offense and suffered the loss of Jacqueline Ovalle, who was injured and replaced her Jana Gutierrez at 19′.

At minute 20, mia fishel He had a chance when he escaped to the right, but he took a center that did not go to anyone and although Uchenna Kanu managed to rescue her, his shot was blocked.

On the rojiblanco side they created an opportunity at 41′, when Joseline Montoya escaped to the right and took a center that went through the entire area, since his partner Anette Vázquez could not finish off the ball. At 54 ‘, Mia escaped from the left, cut and went into the area to put in a ball that she could not finish off Stephanie Mayor.

Both feline front they got back together at 62′ to open the scoringnow with Mayor running for a ball into space and later centered so that Fishel headed to the far post of Blanca Félix.

The second fell to 77 ‘, with a header from Uche at the second post by winning the ball through the air in a cross from Belén Cruz, who had entered the field for a few minutes.

The Vuelta semi-final will be played on Monday, May 16 at 7:05 p.m. at the Akron Stadium, where they will define the team that advances to the End of Closing 2022.

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