Summary of the match Chivas Femenil vs Pumas (5-1). GOALSHalftime

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A great night that he had Chivas Women at home when receiving Women’s Cougars at the start of the 2023 Clausura of the Women’s MX League. Alicia Cervantes was served with a hat-trick for a 5-1 win over the felines, a figure that led her to cross the line of 100 goals to reach a record of 101 in totalin order to mark the beginning of his campaign.

Kinberly Guzman He opened the scoring at minute 17 with a header and the emotions lasted until the end. Precisely the second half was the best of the match and of the locals, because They showed their offensive power against some inoperative auriazules.

Licha Cervantes He started his scoring account at 50 and barely finished celebrating when made it 3-0 in Miriam Aguirre’s goal with a great shot from outside the area to beat the goalkeeper. Without a doubt, Alicia started her scoring streak in 2023 on the right foot.

Carolina Jaramillo increased the score with 4-0 that seemed to sentence the match, but those from Pedregal breathed their last with Daniela García’s goal. Nevertheless, Cervantes appeared and put an end to the match with the 5-1 and third to his personal account to thus give victory to his team and mark the debut of Jhonatan Lazcano on the university bench.

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