Summary of the match Cruz Azul 1-1 Necaxa (3-1). GOALS

The claim is for Sebastian Jurado the best word that can describe this Closure2022. The goalkeeper received criticism for his level, took over due to the injury of Jesús Corona, suffered elimination in Concacaf Champions League semifinals in view of Cougars and today gave Cruz Azul the pass to the Quarterfinals when deleting in Repechage 3-1 on penalties to Necaxa.


Fabrizio Formiliano suffered before Jurybecause the cement goalkeeper stopped his shot. Ángel Romero opened for the Celestesa calm and slow shot that crossed the goal line.

angelo aros struck down Jury with a powerful shot to the goalkeeper’s right post. The 2-1, in favor of Cruz Azul, was drawn on the scoreboard with Adrián Aldrete’s penaltywhich was elevated and to the center.

The illusions of Ray they fell with the tremendous mistake of Agustin Oliveros, because the defense sent it over the crossbar. Luis Abram did not miss the opportunity and made it 3-1 with his successful shot.

the night was for Sebastian Juradothe juvenile was in charge of closing the round with the victory for machine when stopping the ball from Arthur Palm for thus close the account with 3-1.


It was not until the second half when emotions appeared in the Aztec. It all started with the penalty that the Machine requested after an alleged lack of Fabrizio Formiliano on Uriel Antunathe player ended up on the grass, but Fernando Guerrero determined that there was nothinga wise decision.

John Escobar made the World Cup Colossus will explode in joy with his goal. The Paraguayan defined a great individual play by Christian Tabó who faced three defenders to serve his teammate who He won the mark against Agustín Oliveros and beat Luis Ángel Malagón in the background.

The advantage that I had machine was defended by Sebastian Juradothe juvenile has vindicated himself from the criticism and this afternoon he showed it again. Fernando González headed close to the post and the sky-blue goalkeeper avoided scoring to guarantee the win.

The victory could be sealed, but neither Antuna neither Santiago Gimenez were able to define a filtered pass from Angel Romerothe two forwards were alone in front of Malagonunfortunately they did not read the play well.

In the throes of the game Necaxa put the 1-1 to draw the penalty shootout in the panorama. A corner kick straight into the heart of the area, Rodrigo Aguirre rose to top off and back Jury he stretched, but failed to stop. Nevertheless, that was little for what he showed in the penalty shootout where the light blue pass was defined.

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