Summary of the match Toluca vs América (2-2). GOALSHalftime

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The start of the tournament is costing the America by Fernando Ortizwhich continues without winning, without showing a good level and that against Toluca suffered a lot but with a penalty on the end it was enough for him tie 2-2.

Toluca was better from start to finishtook full advantage of all the oversights of the Americanist defense and They could score more goals but the aim was no longer fine.

Not even 10 minutes had passed on the clock when the Devils had already scored the first goal of the match as a result of a Oscar Jimenez mistake and that helped Carlos González with his rebound for the first goal of the game.

America took its heart out before the poor soccer it hasand that’s how they managed to tie the score after 18 minutes with goal by Brian Rodriguezhis first goal in Mexican soccer.

The tie was an unfair result in the first half because Nacho Ambriz’s team was the one that tried the mostMeneses and López were a threat to the azulcrema defense and even the second goal was born from their feet specified Emilio Orrantia.

In the plugin, Toluca continued with possession of the ballbut despite the rival’s defensive errors, he could not score more goals.

When the clock began to expire, Diego Valdés received a foul inside the areasame as the whistler did not score in the first instance and had to resort to the VAR to decree the maximum penalty that Henry Martín carried out in a great way.

The Eagles will have all this week to improve defensive aspects to assert their locality against Puebla that when he leaves the Cuauhtémoc Stadium he usually suffers and he should take advantage of that at the Azteca.

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