Summary of the match Xolos vs Cruz Azul (1-1). GOALSHalftime

A joy after a week of criticism and controversy in Blue Cross. The celestial started the activity in Closing 2023 visiting Xolos. What could have been used to take a breather was even better, since they ended with a agony tie at the border (1-1).

Machine He went out looking for a victory that would calm down a bit this week that was lived with off-pitch issues, such as the controversial party of Julio Cesar Dominguez to celebrate his son’s birthday, the reinforcements (Augusto Lotti and Ramiro Carrera) without records and the push and pull in the negotiations that the club has with the Panathinaikos of Greece for Uriel Antuna.

The one at home forgave and Chuy was a hero

However, they found a Tijuana team well planted and structured that stopped all cement intentions. Also, michael estrada could not have opportunities in front of the goal due to a very poor offensive game by the cement template.

A measured first half, both sides seemed to measure themselves in the attack and with the conviction of not making even the slightest mistake. Even so, with a very calm game, the cementers were the ones who ended up making mistakes.

Ignacio Rivero stomped on Carlos Valenzuela inside the area, the play had gone unnoticed, until the referee Daniel Quintero Huitrón received a message from VAR.

The video arbitration detected the foul and Huitrón went to the screen, where after observing the action, determined the penalty in favor of the locals. Lisandro Lopez He charged from eleven steps and defeated in the background Jesus Crown to make it 1-0 and go to the rest dressing rooms. The local could have gone with more advantage, but Chuy himself was already beginning to be noticed as the figure of the match.

tie of the capital

When everything seemed to be a fatal night for The Machine, Rodrigo Huescas Y charly rodriguez they appeared with the tie.

One last play by the celestials, the youth drew a cross that paraded in front of the Tijuana defense and ended up at the feet of Charlie for a clean definition that beat antonio rodriguez. gutierrez Y The Perez Rabbit they wrapped themselves in an emotional hug celebrating equality.

Cruz Azul was able to rescue a point to start 2023 with good omens in sports, leaving aside the off-pitch issues that seemed to overwhelm the institution this weekend at the start of the Closure.

And it is that they could even celebrate the somersault, but tono rodriguez he became a hero for his team with a last save to a shot from Rodolfo Rotondi, who looked for the goal in the six minutes added. It was unsuccessful, but the draw suited La Máquina well.

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