Summer sun spots prompt dermatological consultation

With the arrival of nice weather and holidays, skin is more prone to sun damage and becomes visible sunspot, Exposure to the sun, along with an increase in life expectancy, is the main reason for the increase in the incidence of skin cancer in the population, which is exacerbated by the lack of habit of spending time outdoors.

Dr. Dolores Sanchez-AguilarA specialist in the dermatology service of the HM Rosaleda Hospital in Santiago de Compostela, confirms that “Sun spots are usually the most talked about during the summer. The presence of a lesion on our skin that persists and continues to grow over time should take us to a specialist. A mole that changes its shape, color or size, that itches or bleeds is dangerous. There are signs that compel us to seek counselling. expert,

Dr. Sánchez-Aguilar: “A mole that changes its shape, color or size, that starts to itch or starts to bleed, are warning signs that compel us to consult a specialist”

Middle dermatologist recommendations Are “Avoid direct exposure to the sun between 12 noon to 5 pm. Along with checking the UV radiation index of the area in which we find ourselves, it is highly recommended to apply an adequate amount of sunscreen and to repeat it every two hours or whenever we shower. In addition, there is one segment of the population that should be more careful, young children should not be exposed to direct sunlight,

Likewise, it is advisable to wear a hat and sunglasses at the beach, as well as to protect more neglected areas such as the ears and feet. In addition to applying these recommendations in a beach environment, it should be taken into account that these measures should also be adopted whenever we are exposed to the sun, whenever walking or doing outdoor activities. they should have Take special care of people with fair skin, blue eyes, blond or red hair,

Sunscreen, Our Ally

At HM Rosaleda Dermatology Service, he explains the need to apply sunscreen correctly, which is an essential element throughout the year to protect our skin from sun damage.

Some skin conditions, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or acne, will heal with sun exposure, but always take proper safety precautions.

Dr. Sánchez Aguilar refutes theories that support sun creams containing toxic substances such as oils, which have become popular on social networks in recent months. we must use them Sunscreens that comply with European regulationsWhich must be marked on the packaging, in this way we make sure that its composition is correct and that it complies with all regulations and warranty guarantees.

sun yes but with common sense

Some skin diseases are cured by exposure to the sun, but many others can begin or worsen after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Deformities characterized by photosensitivity can cause outbreaks at this time of year. ,What is really good is to enjoy holidays and free time, both at sea and in the mountains, but with common sense“, experts say. certain skin diseases, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne Sun exposure will improve them, but always take proper safety measures.

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