Super Mario – The movie: Chris Pratt doesn’t have an Italian accent and the co-producer explains why •

A Super Mario … modernized?

In September, fans of Super Mario have learned that Chris Pratt he had been cast as Mario in the next film. Pratt is just a big name in a cast that includes Jack Black, Seth Rogan, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, and more. But probably the most important question on most people’s minds is how Pratt will handle Mario’s voice. Thanks to some recent comments from the manufacturer Chris Meledandri, we can confirm that he will not use an Italian accent.

In a recent TooFab video, Chris Meledandri answered some questions about Chris Pratt’s performance as Mario. Meledandri praised Pratt’s interpretation as “phenomenal” before addressing the question of his Italian accent, or rather the lack thereof.

We talk about it in the film. So we’re definitely going to hint at that accent, but it’s not the tenor of the performance that will be featured in the filmTherefore Chris Pratt won’t be sporting an Italian accent, but it looks like the Super Mario movie will somehow explain the change.

Is the producer worried about this change that fans might not like? “Well, as an Italian American myself, I understand the comments. Charlie Day, who plays Luigi, actually has Italian origins. So this will be our nod” he answered.

Source: IGN

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