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If you tend to pick fights with your friends to see who is the best and you are competitive by nature, then there is no doubt that you have to give the fighting genre a try.

Not only will you have a good time, but you can even organize a night doing tournaments to give the matter seriousness, just in case I still recommend having an extra Nintendo Switch controller around. But if you are going to play alone, don’t worry, because you will also find something for yourself.

Here are some suggestions that you should not miss:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Not only is it a great reference for fighting games, but it is also one of the biggest crossovers in video game history. You will find between 60 to 80 different characters to fight with, among which are Nintendo classics like Mario, Peach or Kirby, and classics from other franchises like Sora from Kindom Hearts or Steve from Minecraft.

If you have never played, you will find several DLC with your favorite characters.

Hyrule Warriors – Age of Cataclysm

Ok, it is debatable to mention this game within the fighting genre, since it is more of the genre musouwhich if you are wondering what that means, because it is based on facing hordes and hordes of enemies at the same time, either alone or with a partner.

Hyrule Warriors places us 100 years before what happened in Breath of the Wild and before the great cataclysm that happened in Hyrule, where you must fight alone (or with a colleague) against the wildest hordes of the place. If you want to experience a game that is different from the classic fighting style and also learn a little more about the history of Link and Zelda, then don’t miss out on your copy of Hyrule Warriors – The Age of Cataclysm.

Other fighting games worth playing

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