Superbonus 110%: the 2022 and 2023 calendar for the deduction

Calendar rules and deadlines for the various Superbonus beneficiaries: what changes for 2022, 2023 and 2024 for condominiums, independent units and IACP.

With the extension of the Superbonus 110% in the Budget Law, a series of rules have changed with regard to the use of the deduction for building works deemed to be driving, which can be associated with the same tax rate to those deemed to be towed and carried out at the same time. The time horizon for the conclusion of the benefit is now 2023 but there are a series of fulfilments and deadlines on the calendar to keep in mind for a correct use of the benefit, for i different beneficiaries.

For example, the Superbonus it can be requested for some subjects for documented expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 until 30 June 2022, for others until 31 December 2021, for others the deadline will be postponed to 31 December 2023 or again to 31 December 2024 but with rates reduced. Therefore, in consideration of the new constraints and the partial extensions introduced by the new one Budget Law, in the next three years there will be a series of temporal steps e different deadlines for the various potential beneficiaries, which we analyze and summarize in this article.

Eligible expenses

The increased deduction can be requested for documented expenses incurred from 1 July 2020 for energy redevelopment interventions carried out:

  • on the common parts of condominium buildings (driving interventions);
  • on individual real estate units (driven interventions);
  • on functionally independent real estate units with one or more independent accesses from the outside, located inside multi-family buildings (driving and towing interventions). For unit real estate functionally independent means the one equipped with at least three of the following exclusively owned installations or artifacts: water supply systems; gas installations; electrical energy systems; winter air conditioning system.

Interventions on residential units belonging to the cadastral categories A1 (stately homes), A8 (villas) and A9 (castles and palaces of outstanding artistic or historical value), but only for units not open to the public following the modification introduced by the August decree.

The non-profit organizations of social utility can take advantage of the tax relief for interventions carried out on properties falling within the cadastral categories B / 1, B / 2 and D / 4 (hospitals, nursing homes and convents) provided that the beneficiaries carry out service provision activities social, health and welfare and whose members of the board of directors do not receive any remuneration or allowance for their office.

IACP deadlines

The deadline for tax relief is set at December 31, 2023 for interventions carried out by autonomous public housing institutes (IACP), however named, as well as entities having the same social purposes for which at least 60% of the total intervention has been carried out as of 30 June 2023. The 2022 Budget Law confirmed this time horizon and the requisites required.

Deadlines for natural persons

The deduction is currently due for expenses incurred by December 31, 2022 by individuals on buildings consisting of two to four distinctly stacked real estate units, even if owned by a single owner or jointly owned, for which at 30 June 2022 work has been carried out for at least 60% of the total intervention. There Maneuver 2022 introduces changes to this legislation, providing for a six-month extension for single-family and multi-family housing units (from 30 June to 31 December 2022): for main homes (first house) and with ISEE up to 25 thousand euros; for works carried out by individuals on real estate units for which the CILA or with a qualifying title in the process of being acquired.

Deadlines for condominiums

For condominiums, the 110% deduction is due today for expenses incurred by 31 December 2022 regardless of the progress of the work. The Budget Law extends the maxi-deduction to December 31, 2023. with the current rates, while for the expenses incurred during the 2024 the deduction of the Superbonus drops to 70%.

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