Superman would be in Black Adam, because Dwayne Johnson would have “demanded” it!

Henry Cavill might even have won a new movie with the Man of Steel…

The next DC blockbuster from Warner Bros. will see black adam confront certain members of the Justice Society of America, one of whose founders is none other than Superman, in the comics. Suddenly, the rumor of an appearance of the Man of Steel played by Henry Cavill in front of Dwayne Johnson been circulating for months. And recent revelations tend to confirm this.

Black Adam vs. Justice Society in new trailer

Devin Faraci, Specialty Site Editor Birth.Movies.Death. confided during a recent episode of the podcast marvel visionthat not only was Cavill set to return as Superman in black adambut that this was made possible by the enormous influence of Dwayne Johnson in Hollywood, who fought to make it happen:

“Yes… There are no specific tricks, but it’s fascinating to see behind the scenes, how Henry Cavill returned to play Superman in black adam. Because The Rock demanded it. It’s crazy how he pressured Warner Bros. He forced them to go and find Henry Cavill and they had to sign a new contract with Cavill. A contran stipulating that they were going to develop a new film of Superman with him… And all because The Rock insisted!”

A rumor supported by another journalist on Twitter, who assures that fans of “Henry Cavill will have plenty to be excited about with upcoming DC movies. And not only black adam.”

Of course, it is important to specify that all this is not official. At this time, it is not confirmed that Superman will be party in black adam, this October 19 at the cinema in France. But the idea of ​​a comeback from Henry Cavill in the DCEU seems to be gaining momentum. And if he does face The Rock this month in theaters, then the English actor can obviously thank Dwayne Johnson.

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