Suppliers denounce irregularities in Inabie tenders

A group of school lunch and breakfast suppliers denounced that the tenders carried out by the National Institute of Student Welfare (Inabie) present irregularities in view of the fact that they only benefit one group.

“From April 18 to date we have been warning in all instances about the need to suspend tenders to correct and refocus them (…) a technical table was formed with the associated leaders, a table today dissolved due to the refusals of the officials with decrees in the Inabie”, said Elizabet Beriguete, one of the suppliers.

During the press conference, Beriguete stated that if the tenders are not declared void, the food that the country’s public educational centers are supplied with is in danger due to the poor conformation of the lots.

In the activity, he presented as an example the case of the province of La Vega, in which the 2022/2024 tender comprised 73 lots and 96 bidders tendered. He said that of those 96, only 52 were awarded with rations, within which 15 lots were in the hands of 7 lucky ones. 22 were qualified with nothing, with zero rations and 22 were disqualified.

He commented that as a result of not heeding the warnings, the authorities of the unabie they had to put aside the technical evaluations, the distance of 10 kilometers from established and the requests for sumptuous items required in the specifications, to the point that they are awarded to sources with more than one lot, as they had warned.

For Beriguete, the president’s plans and regulations are spoiled at Inabie Luis Abinader, including decree 31-22.

In this sense, the irregularities will contribute to the fact that children and young people who study in public centers continue to receive poor quality food.

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