Sure, Liberty and T-Mobile advance their early bird deals

The main telecommunications providers have advanced early bird sales. Here we summarize, in alphabetical order, what they offer for these days full of specials.

Of course: At no additional cost, it offers unlimited internet without speed reduction in plans with or without a contract from $39 per month until February 28, 2023. The promotion, which began today, is “in gratitude for the continued support of our customers,” said Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, president of the provider. It is available to existing customers and those who switch to Claro.

Liberty: Invite double home internet speeds when bundled with wireless. This is available for plans from 70 Mbps (duplicated to 140 mbps) up to 500 Mbps. They also offer models iPhone 14 on house account bringing in existing trade-in eligible equipment, which activates a credit of up to $800. This also applies to obtain a model from the Samsung Galaxy S22 catalog.

T-Mobile: Bring back the offer of $100 for unlimited monthly service for four lines (at $25 per line with autopay, fees and taxes included). This includes unlimited talk, 5G, text, and data. This package has not been available at this price since 2020, the company said. “Customers can now save more than similar four-line plans and with the best deals in the industry on Samsung and iPhone models, as well as accessories, tablets, watches and more,” said Jorge Martel, general manager of T-Mobile. Puerto Rico.

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