Surprise Taylor Swift with the premiere of “Lavender Haze”

This Friday January 27 Taylor Swift debuts her new single “Lavender Haze”from his album “Midnights”, which he reached in less than 24 hours, five million views and was positioned among the first trending numbers on music platforms.

The video surprised all her fans, because in addition to having a surreal aspect that is quite striking and visually attractive, the singer can be seen naked in a purple bathtub. It should be noted that this video clip was directed by herself.

However, the appearance of the trans model, Laith Ashley de la Cruz, who played her lover in this story, was one of the things that shocked and shocked both her followers and members of the LGBT+ community, as they applauded the inclusion.

Before the video was released, the interpreter had already anticipated its premiere on her social networks, which made her followers wait even more excited for the new song.

“We met at midnight…for the premiere of the music video for “Lavender Haze”, public.

It should be noted that “Lavender Haze” is the third song from his tenth studio album, which was released months after “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled.” However, I interpreted her from “Love Story”, she mentioned on her social networks that this was the first video that helped her conceptualize the true style she wanted to reflect in “Midnights”, which she defines as “a sensual sleepless 70s dream.”

“This was the first video I wrote of the 3 that were released, and this really helped me conceptualize the world and mood of Midnights, like a 70s fever dream with no sleep”said.

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