Survival video game now returns after server connection, login issues; Check X reactions

Fortnite dropped today: Fortnite, a survival video game, is experiencing service outages in the United States, according to Downdetector, an outage monitoring platform. The outage chart crossed the 9,000 mark at 11:00 am IST in the morning. According to the tracking site, 66 percent of users reported problems with the login window, 28 percent had problems with the server connection, and 5 percent reported problems in the game.

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Additionally, the game witnessed an outage on November 17, with over 3,300 reports around 01:00 pm in the US. It seems that India is not significantly affected by the outage. Users reported about 40 cases of breakdowns. About 68 percent of them report problems with the server connection, 19 percent say the website is causing the problem, and 13 percent point to poor gameplay. The reports came mainly from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and adjoining parts of Nagpur.

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Speaking of the United States, the outage map shows red dots in the central region and Los Angeles. Additionally, a good number of reports come from Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, New York, Chicago, Detroit and other regions. Meanwhile, players are flocking to Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, to check the status of the game and share funny reactions. From the typical escalator meme to crying cats, here are some answers.





“There was an error connecting to Epic servers. Please try again later,” said a Additionally, users posted problems with the game on PlayStation. fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) acknowledged the issue on X and posted: “We are investigating an issue involving players not logging into Fortnite. We will provide an update when we have more information.” The handle added: “While we continue to investigate login issues, some players in the game may encounter matchmaking errors. We are working to fix these issues now.”

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Fortnite Down update: 01:00 pm

The service is now back and Fortnite has applied a fix. This is what the company said:

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