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Since his first film project, the director and screenwriter Carlo Mirabella-Davis had a peculiar fixation for including sharp objects in the plot of Knife Point (2009), a short film in the thriller genre, about a family of evangelical Christians who travel across New York state and give a lift to an unusual knife salesman. Years later, after directing a series of music videos, in 2019 the director finally presented his first film titled Swallow: perfection swallows you- 94%, with which he returned to his origins as a thriller and continues to attract the attention of film specialists.

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Swallow: perfection swallows you – 94% is a psychological drama and thriller that follows Hunter, a housewife who has just found out she is pregnant. However, for some unknown reason she feels tempted to consume objects that are dangerous to her health, an obsession that does not go unnoticed in the eyes of her husband and the rest of her family. She will soon discover the reason that pushes her to want to hurt herself. The film stars Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell, Denis O’Hare, Elizabeth Marvel, David Rasche, Luna Lauren Velez, Zabryna Guevara. Bennett won the Best Actress award at the 2019 Tribeca Festival.

The film has obtained an excellent reception from critics who have had the opportunity to see it at the film festivals in which it has been presented. The press refers to Swallow: perfection swallows you – 94% as a scary, provocative, raw and audacious film that addresses issues that are often neglected in commercial cinema. This feature film has already been compared to the cinema of great masters of cinema and suspense such as Alfred Hitchcock (Vertigo – 98%, Rear Window – 100%) and David Fincher (Lost – 88%, Fight Club – 80%), so it is said that it will be interesting to follow the director’s next works, since he shows great ability to create disturbing and disturbing images.

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Journalists applaud the work of Haley Bennett (Cyrano- 90%, The devil at all hours – 65%, The Girl on the Train – 44%), and they point out that it is an extraordinary interpretation that she handles with great precision, quality and attention to detail, especially since it is a character that demands that she completely adhere to her skin and the complexity of her psyche. . In the reviews, it can be read that the film’s narration proposes a very interesting journey, in which the protagonist is accompanied to discover the most hidden and lurid sides of the human mind, while Hunter seeks answers about the condition that worries her.

Specialists affirm that Swallow: perfection swallows you – 94% delivers impeccable technical quality, with exquisite photography full of colors that support the thriller and a sound design that hooks viewers to their seats. One of the aspects that stands out the most is the classic style of this production and how successful it is to have such a feminist work in current times that dares to go beyond what many other films do not allow themselves.

Here’s what critics are saying about this film:

alysha prasad of One room with a view:

Haley Bennett’s breakout performance as Hunter may be her best performance yet (…) Swallow’s raunchy final scene is the best part…

Anton Bitel’s Projected Figures:

…drives, with logic and conviction, to an end point that is, in its own way, more provocative and controversial than anything to be found in your average genre film…

MN Miller of Ready Steady Cut:

Swallow has a rare raw power that most movies can’t match. It’s hard to believe so much was accomplished here with such a simple story, but that’s what the best artists can do…

The wording of Reeling Reviews:

Some may cringe, some may turn away, but no one can deny that this is a unique cinematic experience from first-time writer-director Carlo Mirabella-Davis.

Kurt Halfyard of screen anarchy:

…this is a solid and exceptional debut for Carlo Mirabella-Davis, one on which I hope he will build a long career. Swallow is one of the most accessiblely melancholy and uncomfortably pleasurable movies of this year.

Chuck Bowen’s Slant Magazine:

As Mirabella-Davis begins to explain the meaning of Hunter’s situation, Swallow becomes more poignant and likeable at the same time.

Steven Sheehan of The Digital Fix:

…there’s a lot to admire in Swallow and makes for an impressive feminist thriller that spotlights a subject rarely given the time of day.

david fear of rolling stones:

The cryptic quality of Swallow’s first two-thirds is what gives the film its inherent sense of unflinching creepiness and unnerving giddiness, as well as keeping things south of being sensational.

Alison Willmore’s vulture:

Swallow is guided by the mental and emotional state of its protagonist. It takes place in a landscape that is largely internal, but that is territory that can be as full of darkness and dread as a towering mansion.

Diana Sleeves the question marks:

Swallow will make the viewer have to look away from the screen on more than one occasion. Completely shocking and unpleasant images to draw the anguish, loneliness and repression in which its protagonist lives immersed.

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