Sweden denounces violation of its airspace by Russia

Four Russian fighter planes briefly violated Swedish airspace east of Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea on March 2, the General Staff said in a statement, amid Russian-Western tension over the war in Ukraine.

“In the current context, we take this incident very seriously. It is an irresponsible and unprofessional action on the part of Russia”, added the letter.

The “two Sukhoi Su-27s and two Sukhoi Su-24s violated Swedish airspace” and Gripen interceptors were able to document this. “This shows that our preparation is good. We are in place to guarantee the territorial integrity and Swedish borders.”dictates the Swedish official information.

On the other hand, it was also known that joint exercises with Finnish fighter planes took place this Wednesday in Gotland, according to Swedish media.

The island, which has a strategic position in the Baltic Sea and it is just over 300 kilometers from the Russian enclave of Kaliningradhad received Swedish reinforcements in January, during the first tensions around Ukraine.

Although violations of the airspace of the two countries by Russian aircraft occur sporadically, in the midst of the current conflict, alerts are increased to the maximum.

The threats against Sweden and Finland

It should be remembered that Sweden is one of the countries in northern Europe that is on high alert after the start of the Russian attacks in Ukraine on February 24, taking into account the alleged invasion intentions that Russian President Vladimir Putin , has for this country, in addition to its neighbor Finland.

According to Russian Foreign Spokesperson Maria Zajarova, “all participating States of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in their national capacity, including Finland and Sweden, reaffirmed in their day the principle that the security of some States should not be built at the expense of the security of other countries”.

For this reason, the incessant negotiations that these two countries have maintained to try to enter the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), of which the United States is a part, have been classified by Russia as a clear threat to its sovereignty, taking into account He says that for the Kremlin the inclusion of NATO bases near its territory would endanger its own peace.

Taking this into account, Zajarova indicated that in the event that Sweden or Finland join NATO, there will be no mercy on the part of Russia to defend the freedom of its territory against what for the Russian Government is a clear affront on the part of from the West.

“It is evident that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, which is mainly a military bloc, would have serious military and political consequences that would require our country to take reciprocal measures”added the Russian official.

Although Sweden has been partially neutral in the face of the war situation between Ukraine and Russia, Finland, for its part, has expressed its support for the Ukrainians, through strategies such as the restriction of some Russian media outlets on its territory, such as RT.

Swedish aid to Ukraine

On March 2, the Swedish government also announced that it will allocate another 500 million crowns (more than 52 million dollars) in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The Swedish Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, has recalled that this amount is added to the 120 million crowns announced last week (more than 52 million dollars). In total, according to its data, Sweden has provided more than one billion crowns (more than 104 million dollars) in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and 2.3 billion crowns (about 239.4 million dollars) to support reforms in the country. since 2014.

Sweden has also contributed to Ukraine by sending weapons. On Saturday it announced the shipment of 5,000 anti-tank weapons, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 body protectors and 135,000 field rations. This is the first time that Sweden has sent weapons to a country immersed in an armed conflict since the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939.

*With information from AFP and Europa Press.

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