SwiftKey is updated with the Gboard erase feature to give more options

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Android has a lot of interesting keyboards if you want to replace Gboard, and one of the best known, SiwftwKey, has just been updated with one of the most interesting features that integrates the Google keyboard.

It is about the ability to slide over the delete button to select a whole word, or more, and delete them, and comes along with other features to the keyboard, you just got a new version.

What’s new in SwiftKey: all the changes

Quick delete is one of the novelties that the developers have introduced in SwiftKey, and this consists of the possibility of swipe the delete key to the left to select the text to be quickly erased.

Swiftkey Options

Swiftkey Options

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This allows you to take less time to carry out this task, and is most useful when erasing more than one word. Is about a feature that was already in Gboard, the Google keyboard, and that many users use to save time while typing on their mobile.

  • Download SwiftKey on Google Play.

Changes in Swiftkey

Changes in Swiftkey

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An option has also been added to be able to deactivate the automatic space that exists after the punctuation and that can make it hard to type right after a period, for example, when entering a URL in the search bar of a browser.

These are two new options that make it even more competent, so if you want to try an alternative to your Android’s keyboard, it may be one of the best that you can download from Google Play on both your mobile and your tablet.

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