“Switch is perfect for this.” LEGO Horizon creators explain why the adventure game is debuting on a Nintendo console – LEGO Horizon Adventures

The reason for launching LEGO Horizon Adventures on Switch is to “expand the audience.”

One of the biggest surprises of Summer Game Fest 2024 was Lego Horizon Adventures. action and adventure developed Guerrilla games together with Gobo studio. Apart from the fact that the game has a very updated and original look typical of LEGO, it has been confirmed that the title release on Nintendo Switch. This was one of the more surprising elements since it is a PlayStation IP, but it has a very simple explanation.

Guerrilla Games’ narrative director James Windeler explained (via VGC) why LEGO Horizon is debuting on a platform other than PlayStation and PC. “It was one Unique opportunity for us. It suited our ambitions perfectly. We want it be for everyoneand Switch is truly a platform that allows us expand the audience– he explains. He then starts talking about the Joy-Con.

“This spirit extends throughout the game, from the fairly simple control schemes to the handling one Joy-Conand then simplification storycoverage of topics or humorit’s all part of the same ambition.” Windeler told Eurogamer that ” Switch is perfect for this. The control scheme is simple, it’s designed to be played on a Nintendo Joy-Con, and of course they have very public it’s familiar, so it fits really well.”

Switch will help Guerrila reach more audience

Switch will help us attract and reach this young audience and we’re very happy about that, but the game itself will appeal to Horizon fans who expect a certain amount tactical combatIt’s worth remembering that LEGO Horizon Adventures will debut in the last quarter of this year on PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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