Sydney Sweeney takes off her clothes on ‘Women’s Health’ cover

After months of seeing my favorite It Girls style in various pantless looks, I finally mustered up the courage to try the visible underwear trend myself and TBH, I love it.

When curating this costume leap of faith, I took inspiration from Sydney Sweeney and her different takes on NSFW looks. In particular, I noticed her leather bomber and black briefs combo that she wore harper’s bazaar australia Cover up in summer (more details on that later).

Now — just in time for my upcoming girls’ night out plans — Swinney has delivered not one, but two more no-pants looks, this time with an athleisure twist.

Sydney’s first no-pants cover

On Wednesday, November 15, Sweeney positively served as the cover star – a practice with which she is very familiar. women’s Health December issue. Photographer Dennis Leupold captured Sweeney wearing a ton of sporty separates on a rooftop in LA.

Sweeney started her swim-ready look with a matching lingerie set, which included a black sports bra and high-waisted underwear with a little mesh at the hips. To brighten up the neutral set, Sweeney layered a vibrant green windbreaker, which she left open to show off the athleisure piece (or lack thereof).

Sydney Sweeney wore a pantless look for two of her 'Women's Health' December issue covers

Excitement The actor wore a pair of swimming goggles around his neck and paired it with retro-looking tube socks and green slides – both of which matched perfectly with the above jacket.

Sydney’s second no-pants cover

During the same photoshoot, the star again took off his pants and he looked great women’s Health Just had to give him another cover.

This time, Swinney took a slightly more prep route, swapping her sports bra for a school uniform-inspired polo, which was, of course, cropped to show off the high bikini bottoms underneath. Instead of mesh accents, these featured cut-outs on both hips (perhaps a nod to her cut-out-lover). Excitement character, what kind?)

Sydney Sweeney wore a pantless look for two of her 'Women's Health' December issue covers

While she loves to rock the red carpet, Sweeney leaned into the “just went for a swim” vibe with a wet-look style — a fitting choice considering the pool in the background.

Sydney’s third no-pants cover

This certainly isn’t Sweeney’s first pantsless editorial rodeo. for one harper’s bazaar australia In the cover shoot in August, she wore a more revealing underwear that was a little more suited to the cooler weather.

While posing in front of another body of water (she is a Scorpio-rising, after all), Sweeney wore low-rise briefs, which she paired with tights and a tank top. For added coverage, she wore a brown leather bomber jacket, which added an autumnal vibe to the shoot.

Sydney Sweeney wore a pantless look for two of her 'Women's Health' December issue covers

Sydney’s fourth no-pants cover? TBD.


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