Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes go head-to-head in this ’90s action classic that involves one of The Seventh Art’s greatest mysteries.

How are the three cells used? We’ll never know for sure, but it’s clear that ‘Demolition Man’ is a ticking time bomb.

if it were the 80s A gold mine for finding authentic action movie gems —’Crystal Jungle’, I don’t look at anyone—, the ’90s weren’t a short decade. At that point, many of the eighties’ biggest stars reinvented themselves, if they still needed it, and we were able to enjoy countless titles that retained the charm and essence of the previous decade, such as ‘Speed’. , ‘Human ‘White’ or ‘The Last Boy Scout’.

Goles and Tolinas in 2032

But today we’re going to leave the most mundane aspect of the genre behind and immerse ourselves in the always interesting areas of science fiction. marco brambillaWhich premiered in 1993 as a ‘Demolition Man’ that, 30 years back, is still as silly, funny and absurd – in the best possible sense of the word – as it was the day before.

there is very little that i can say that hasn’t already been done about this shit acting Sandra Bullock, Wesley Snipes and a Sylvester Stallone whose character is one of the best names in the genre Courtesy of John Matrix and Castor Troy: John Spartan. Everything can be summed up to the fact that the film provides us with a few hours of classic action, a good dose of violence and a handful of funny humour.

is likely to be one of your biggest claims His unique dystopian vision of the society of the year 2032in which crime does not exist, everyone displays neat and exemplary behavior… and they clean up after themselves three balls The operation of which remains one of the great mysteries of the Seventh Art.

If you want to discover this amazing madness or, conversely, you want to enjoy it for the umpteenth time – as a server -, You can watch ‘Demolition Man’ tonight at 10:30PM on La Sexta.,

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