Sylvester Stallone revealed to be fed up with fame to “teacher Ximena”

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Gaby Riveroactress recognized for playing the role of the ”Maestra Ximena’, in the telenovela ‘Carrusel’ at the end of the 80’s, he told a funny and unforgettable anecdote, in which he met the actor from Hollywood, Sylvester Stalloneand came to kiss him on the lips.

Stallone, his lifelong idol, was in an interview at Televisa in Mexico City, she was 16 years old and went to the company’s facilities to see him, when he was 35 years old.

“I was interviewing him (on TV) Jacob Zabludovskywho at that time was my teacher because he taught me newscasts (…) I said: ‘I’ll grab the car and go to Televisa Chapultepec to present it to me’, he wasn’t going to give me time because it was live, So I started looking in the newspaper and I saw that there was a race where he was going to award the winner in Chapultepec, I said: ‘that place is not suitable,'” Gaby Rivero told Imagen Television.

Gaby investigated and learned that the actor would give a press conference at the El Camino Real de Anzures hotel, so she posed as a journalist with the help of her sister.

“I told my sister Lourdes, because I didn’t speak English well: ‘Come see if I can talk to him that he has a translator’ and I got a driver to take his little children to kindergarten and here we go,” he mentioned.

The actor agreed to talk with them thinking that Gaby Rivero was the main image of the channel 2 of Televisa.

“He saw me and sent the bodyguard to tell me if I wanted to eat with him… We went up to a suite that he had and we were going to eat at Le Fouquet’s, which is a restaurant that he has privately owned on El Camino Real,” he recalled.

Stallone ‘exploded’ for so much fame

However, Stallone could not leave the room because some fans arrived, so it was there that he became hysterical and confessed to Gaby that he was tired of being famous.

“He got hysterical and said that I was never famous, that your world was reduced to four walls, very angry. And he asked for room service, there we were with my sister, the secretary and yes, I did kiss him.”

“He kisses very well, highly recommended, with everything and his crooked mouth, yes because he was paralyzed (…) Notice that he told me if it rained he would not leave because he is terrified of the plane when it rains and then as there was a tremendous storm that Later he told me: ‘if it keeps raining I’m not going to leave, but if it doesn’t rain I’ll come back’ and I asked Tlaloc to rain so I could see him again, but he did come back,” he said.

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