Sylvester Stallone says the director’s cut of Rocky IV will hit theaters in November


Mark your calendars, Rocky fans. We officially have the premiere date for the director’s piece “Rocky IV” that Sylvester Stallone has long despised.

The actor and screenwriter revealed on his Instagram that “Rocky vs. Drago – The Ultimate Director’s Cut ”will premiere on November 11th.

“I’m so proud of all the technicians who have done an amazing job bringing this film and the battle back to life in such an amazing way,” said Stallone.

Stallone’s announcement accompanies a new poster for the film. It features Ivan Drago hitting Rocky Balboa, with “Director’s Cut Rocky IV” written in the middle. “Rocky vs. Dragon ”is printed along the bottom with two stars, one with the American flag and the other with the USSR flag.

Last month, Stallone joked that the reassembled film would be “very soon” and premiered in Philadelphia, the Italian stallion’s hometown.

Stallone announced in August that he would release a remake of “Rocky IV” to celebrate the film’s 35th anniversary, originally released in November 1985. He later said that the story of Paulie Nib and her robot maid, a gift given by the family Rocky Paulie on his birthday would have been cut from the re-edited version.

Since this news was revealed, Stallone has occasionally posted updates on his Instagram about the reassembly process, taking fans behind the scenes of what he’s been working on.


In September, he shared that he was adding screenshots of Apollo Creed’s Deadly Battle vs. Dragon. distance Finalizing the film In February, Stallone said Last month The project is completed and ready to go.

Accompanying the director’s cut, Stallone would too. The release of a complete documentary behind the scenes Titled “Keep beating: the present meets the past,” he said that takes fans into the reassembly process.

“Rocky IV” tells the story of Balboa’s match against Soviet boxer Drago in an epic battle in Moscow that is set not only as Rocky’s revenge for Creed’s death, but also as a statement on US-Soviet relations in recent times. years of the Cold War. . “Rocky 4” is the most financially successful film in the Rocky series, grossing $ 300 million at the box office.

In addition to reprising his role as a South Philadelphia force, Stallone wrote and directed “Rocky IV.” Stallone has written all six of the Rocky films and also directed “Rocky 2”, “Rocky 3” and “Rocky Balboa”.

All six of Rocky’s movies are currently available to stream on HBO Max.


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