Tabata Jalil falls in love with his innocent costume and Merlina dance (VIDEO)

“Merlina” is one of the most successful and popular series of recent times, as Jenna Ortega offered a spectacular performance as the daughter of “Los locos Addams”, in addition to creating a viral dance that everyone wants to do, including celebrities like Tabata Jalil.

It was through her networks that the shorty from “Venga la Alegría” stole the hearts of her fans and drew countless sighs from them with her innocent, but spicy Merlina dance.

In the video that is already viral, Tabata Jalil can be seen wearing a black dress almost identical to that of Merlina from the Netflix series, which marks her heart attack figure. Also, she wears a black wig with pigtails.

There Tabata Jalil begins to do the already iconic merlina dance, which uses the song “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga, but with an accelerated speed.

“Here from Merlina, inspired by the Netflix series in the style of Jenna Ortega and Tim Burton. Hahahahahaha I love the character ✨✨✨✨🤗😘”, was the message with which Tabata Jalil accompanied the clip.

As expected, the reactions of the fans did not wait, and they left messages such as “The best of Venga la Alegría joins the best of Netflix”, “It is not the same, but it is the same” and “Tabatita, you always so cheerful and now it was difficult for you to have the serious expression ”.

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