Tach, the Uruguayan brand that Dua Lipa loves, and her collab with Loona

In these months where the days are colder, our best friend is that item that, in addition to being warm and comfy, makes us feel the coolest person in the room, especially with the emergence of the grandma-type aesthetic materialized in crochet pieces. Because yeah, there’s nothing like a statement sweater and Loonathe sustainable Mexican platform that works with the coolest emerging brands of the moment, knows itthat is why he presents his collaboration with the Uruguayan brand Tach.

Meet Tach, the brand that has driven your favorite celebs crazy

But first, what is this brand and why wasn’t it on your radar? We are glad you asked: It is about some Uruguayan sisters Patricia and Sabrina Tachdijan (hence the name of the brand), who started in 2016 with a creative project, whose designs have reached Dua Lipa’s wardrobe.

Like a “laboratory” that makes colorful and cheerful pieces, for this duo of designers the most important thing is to use fashion as a means of expression that reveals the most playful part of fashion.

Here we talk about those designs that play with all the color possibilities without being afraid of being unique and bold, definitely the most stylish in our time: Megan fox, Alex Chung Y Leandra Medina (also Tash clients) confirm this.

What is the inspiration in each collection? Memories and dreams of his childhood like a poem translated into textures, tones and shapes made with Uruguayan merino wool, a textile renowned for its warmth, flexibility, lightness and durability.

This is how those “mini works of art” turn out… those kinds of garments that you keep forever; check her Instagram @tach_clothing and you will see that we are not lying. And as a collectible piece of art, her clothes are timeless and the best part is that they are super comfortable and soft as a blanket.

That vision resonates perfectly with Loona’s philosophy of more responsible fashion consumption; where it’s not just about buying and discarding. For this reason, with the authenticity of Tach’s pieces, another love letter to Earth is written, one full of geometric figures and flowers of all colors.

From sweaters to hats, this mini collection is the coziest and most colorful. You can meet her here.

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