Javier Ibarreche clarified the controversy that originated with the drivers of TV Azteca

By Newsroom Publimetro March 15, 2023 at 2:13 p.m. As a result of all the controversy that arose, after users speculated that TV Azteca hosts deliberately interrupted Javier Ibarreche During the Oscar Awards broadcast because they felt threatened by him, the influencer posted a video clarifying everything. Let’s remember that the content creator was a … Read more

Tachas 509 • The Oscars 2023: Credibility and audience

The history of the Academy Awards ceremony already adds up to multiple disagreements, reaching a certain bottom last year when awarding coda as best film. There is a voting system that rather recognizes the anodyne, that is, the films that are left round after round and that do not “dislike” that much, unless one of … Read more