Gigi Hadid’s brand opens pop-up in Bon Marché

translated by Novelo Darrilla published in From 27 September 2023 A Guest in Residence, a young luxury cashmere brand launched by Palestinian and Dutch-born American supermodel and businesswoman Gigi Hadid, opened pop up No Le Bon Marché, Parisian department store, on the third day, 26 September. guest in residence The brand was launched in autumn … Read more

The woman definitely follows the dress code of the man

Fashion has added a new word to our vocabulary Fashionista: Childish, This anglicism refers to a way of dressing, which until now was called tomboy, Either one word or the other, both the words describe the trend of women’s fashion. Dress with the beauty of masculine beauty. This informal style, and with a certain nostalgia … Read more

yes, the blue that Miranda already defended in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is back

It seems that we already have the color ready to unseat the fuchsia pink that has been the favorite for more than a year. Its about cerulean blue, And if you are a lover of fashion and romantic comedies, surely this name is familiar to you. [Los tonos pastel no solo están hechos para las … Read more

This is how the most desired trend of the moment is worn

In a few months spring will begin and, with it, the season of celebrations such as weddings, communions and baptisms. A season in which every year we wonder what to wear to look according to the occasion. Headdresses have always been the favorites of celebrities and it seems that this year the net will be … Read more