Patterns in sperm, Nipah virus outbreak and pulmonary fibrosis in Chile.

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Children’s allergies linked to intestinal bacteria

Maturation of the infant’s immune system and intestinal microbiota occur in parallel; Therefore, the composition of the microbiome may determine whether tolerogenic immune programming emerges within the infant. In this sense, allergic diseases are affecting hundreds of millions of children worldwide… Maturation of the infant’s immune system and intestinal microbiota occur in … Read more

About the ‘burnout’ that Meryl Streep is suffering from being molested

Sandra Bullock She is one of the most popular actresses HollywoodThe Oscar award winner has acted in over fifty films. we saw it floating in the middle of space gravityI won the hearts of the people miss Congeniality and everyone fell in love the lake HouseAn early 2000s classic, starring his great friend Keanu Reeves. … Read more

How much exercise you have to do according to age: this says the WHO

It is key to adapt the sports routine to the different needs at each stage of life. The exercise It has a very important role for both physical and mental health, as it helps to improve the quality of life, can prevent multiple diseases, strengthen muscles and control overweight, among others. As indicated by the … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secrets to look spectacular at any age

Learn J Lo’s secrets to staying fabulous at 53. Jennifer Lopezthe pop star, to his 53 years, shows off radiant skin and elegant curves, attributes that all women would like to have. After becoming a mother, the Hollywood actress has focused on taking care of her figure, carrying out training routines and physical activity, a … Read more