Is the ‘Golden Minute’ Rule the Secret to Perfect Skin? Celebrity esthetician reveals why this 60-second hack is the key to ensuring a glowing face

Skin care expert and beauty expert Renée Rouleau reveals an essential tip Speaking exclusively to, Rouleau explained about the ‘Golden Minute’. Read more: Celeb esthetician reveals the worst ‘skin sins’ you can commit Winding down at night and completing your skin care routine before bed may feel luxurious and relaxing — but it turns … Read more

Why are your eyes red?

Juan Garcia Garridomadrid 10/21/2023 At 06:00. Eyes become red due to conjunctivitis.Innova Ocular Clinic Villa – Archive We say that our eyes are red when the white part of our eyeball, the sclera, turns red, The intensity of the color can vary, ranging from pink to the most intense red, or the color may be … Read more

These are the symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency in women.

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin C, which is not produced by our bodies, is essential for proper functioning of the body. to get it, The Mediterranean diet is undoubtedly the most straightforward and simple route, especially considering the eating habits most common in Spain. Furthermore, any deficiencies can be made up for in a less … Read more

Most Amazing Body Transformations of Footballers

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These are the premieres for the month of September 2023

platform announces the arrival of live action The Little Mermaid, Groot shorts and a live concert. After an August full of premieres, disneyplus Announced the series, films and documentaries that will arrive on the platform Month of September. He live action Of the little Mermaid and the return of animated shorts Marvel Studios “I am … Read more

These are the 10 symptoms that tell that you have high cholesterol.

These are the 10 symptoms that tell that you have high cholesterol.LP/DLP Cholesterol, a word that can cause concern for many, is often shrouded in mystery for most people. However, everyone agrees that High cholesterol level needs attention and measures, before you get to that point, There are signs that can alert us to excess … Read more

“Which foods are beneficial at each stage of the menstrual cycle? Can diet help with symptoms?”

Can nutrition really improve premenstrual and menstrual cycle symptoms? In detail, which foods are beneficial and which are not at each stage? taken from Diet is one of the pillars of maintaining health, which is why it is considered an important tool to manage premenstrual and postmenstrual symptoms. If food is accompanied by a healthy … Read more

“We make fun of menopause, suffocation and sleeplessness”

Fan in hand, blister pack strewn with soy or evening primrose pills throughout the bag, and weird sex toys to attest to desire and low libido. Monologists Catin Allende and Bertsolaris Oihen Peria, Irati Anda and Iratex Ibarra present the complete ‘kit’ against the effects of menopause with ‘Kilimaterioa’ (in Basque, 7:30 pm) today in … Read more

What are the benefits of drinking pineapple and cinnamon tea?

The combination between the rind of the fruit and cinnamon can be of great benefit. He Pineapple Tea with Cinnamon It is a delicious drink that can provide many health benefits. The peel of the fruit contains high amounts of magnesium, which plays a very important role in the metabolic functioning of our body; As … Read more